I used to believe there was a time of and for success. That the moment I just finished school or completed a specific task I would arrive at a sense of greatness and gratitude that would leave me satisfied. I strongly believed I was going to get there, and once I was there I would just coast on the coat tales of that career for the rest of my life. Man, I was wrong. I am so happy I was wrong.

Last summer I decided to turn my ideas into a vision - I started a small business. Starting my own small business happened completely on accident, yet completely on purpose. Enrolling in art fairs, talking to local shop owners, studying other stores, picking up cards and buying handmade goods, exploring financial avenues - the list goes on and on. And that is just to get IDEAS! Honestly, I feel like I blacked out from then until this point. I just woke up one day and I was exactly where I wanted to be. Not like I just cast a spell and I was magically awake at 7am and dressed for the day (woo, try telling my 17 year old self THAT information), but I realized that where I wanted to be wasn't a specific destination it was just a lifestyle and a passion I was searching for. And naturally when you emit a certain energy and perseverance, that lifestyle seems to just follow you.  

It wasn't until the other morning when I was on my drive to meet with Kate Coslett from Brave Berlin design that I realized fully what I was getting myself into. 3 weeks away from an enormous event I was asked to participate in, and I am meeting with a magnificent designer to create a design for the biggest show to ever set foot in Cincinnati - LUMENOCITY. Now, if you haven't been or heard of Lumenocity, I can barely describe the visual euphoric explosion your mind would experience even just from setting foot in this goldmine of a park in the center of the city across from the most beautiful historic building in Cincinnati. Now imagine that building in the middle of the night completely lit up and encompassed by a 3 hour light show created by top artisans and designers. Every ledge, brick, window is mathematically drawn into conclusion while they are designing this show. Last year, it was infamous for having the illusion that the whole building of Music Hall was crumbling - crumbling to the ground ... WITH LIGHTS. What does that even mean?! Who even knows how to do that?! These people. AND I WAS WORKING WITH THEM! I quickly realized that these people were not some super-human wizards with technological advances (well, maybe compared to my digital skills), but they were just like me and were very much human - Humans with dedication, wild imaginations, and yearning for talent, relationships between artists, cooperative teamwork and confident visions. The only difference was that Brave Berlin had the coolest damn studio I have ever set foot in. I would be find just curling up in the corner and living there if they let me. Talking and working with Kate has really inspired me. She consistently has an energy, pizaz and vision that lights up any room she walks in. One thing she shared with me that someone once shared with her - "Always stay close to young talent." It inspired me - not just to remember when I get older - but provoked me to realize to stay close to talent and inspirational people ALWAYS. School and tests shouldn't be the only thing that provoke your train of thought, but rather the people you choose to surround yourself with and the events that you allow to take place in your life. Always seek a challenge. 

This may seem like a few paragraphs of mumble with no purpose, but I very much feel like my small realizations, challanges and people I meet along my journey are crucial to understanding my business and my vision. I also wanted to share the design Kate Coslett and myself created together in our short journey working together for this upcoming 2014 LUMENOCITY show. Working together with someone of similar vision inspired a happiness and contentment within myself and a confidence for the future of my business. 


Together we created a laser cut invitation sleeve that is multi-functional. Pinch the sides in and a small flap comes down to turn your invitation into a paper luminary! 

Created for the VIP Haile Foundation LUMENOCITY party.